It took Holly Holm 59 seconds of the second round to defeat Rhonda Rousey for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Title.

Holm became the first women to defeat Rousey who was considered the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.  Rousey had seemed unstoppable in her previous bouts.  Only one of them went past the first round.  Holm used her superior boxing skills to frustrate Rousey in round one.  She peppered the champ with several shots to the face including several roundhouse kicks to the face.

Rousey walked into many punches and attempted to clinch Holm several times.  She attempted her famous arm bar but was unsuccessful against the challenger.  After round one, her mouth was bleeding and she appeared winded while going back to her corner.  The end came quickly for Rousey after Holm connected with a roundhouse kick to the face that dropped the champ.  Holm had to be pulled off of Rousey by the referee.

ESPN is reporting that Rousey is on her way to the hospital.  Holm was a big underdog and was not even listed as part of the promotion for UFC 193.  The hot tempered Rousey seemed to become unglued at the weigh in on Friday Evening.  She and Holm became physical during the stare down.  Nearly 70,000 people attended the event in Melbourne, Australia.  Vegas odds makers had Rousey as a -2000 favorite.  Holm was a 14-1 underdog.

Holm told ESPN that she hopes to inspire others with her win.   "I cannot put it into words.  Okay there's still a lot to come.  This is one good fight and there's so much more to prove."  The new champ continued to praise the old champ.  "I have a lot of respect for her,  I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her.  She was definitely one of the ones to make a splash."

Holm, who is the first athlete male or female to hold world titles in boxing and MMA, credited her team with the win.  "I had all the help in the world. I had the best coaching the best family and my husband  no excuse  I hope this give everybody some type of inspiration and take a chance, it's a scary moment.  It's all you."

The calm Holm described how she knocked out Rousey.   "I felt the kick sink in, when she kinda rolled over, I saw her go down and then I made sure it was over."  The victory for Holm is a credit to the Michael Winklejohn / Greg Jackson Team from New Mexico.  They've collectively trained several world champions and now they have the newest one in the UFC.