Robin Williams death continues to be the topic of conversation around the world.  New reports state that the comedic actor hung himself.  Speculation continues to swirl around his motive for ending his life.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist takes a look at the reaction and what's next for the Williams Family.

Officials report Robin Williams died by hanging himself to death.  The reaction and report courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

It seems to happen every time a celebrity dies, sales of their merchandise go through the roof.  Movies and TV shows featuring Robin take over Amazon's Best Seller list according to the Daily Caller.

Real world wages have declined a whopping 23% since 2008 reports Breitbart.

The Tony Stewart fallout continues to rage over airwaves throughout the country.  A popular sports talk host blames 'Southern Culture' from the Truth Revolt.

Iraq is falling apart and it's not looking good.  President Obama, while on vacation, blames President Bush for the problems in today's Iraq reports the Washington Times.

The Obama Administration has released over six hundred illegal immigrants according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Karl Marx once spoke of the haves and the have nots.  A new report says the gap between the rich and poor neighborhoods has reached historic levels from the Financial Times.

Kevin Ward's family blames his death on Tony Stewart says the examiner.

The newest casino in Atlantic city is closing.  Many experts are blaming increased competition from other East Coast Casinos.  The economic fallout is covered by CBS Philly.

Game of Thrones is a huge hit based on the popular best seller George Martin series a Song of Fire and Ice.  Martin admits that some rabid fans have predicted the eventual popular series ending reports Yahoo.