The following is letter from our friend Hotel Ryan while at Air Force Basic Training.

"And good morning Vietnam!  I mean Boise!  Boi-see.  Even though I'm from California, I've been correcting everyone here at BMT on where I tell them I'm from.  And good morning to all of 580 KIDO's cronies and loyal listeners.

How have the in-the-field morning broadcasts been going?  I'm sure my protege and 'mini me' Jacob is doing fine.  Did they bring Sweet Willard back from the Montana Pack?  Anyways been here at A.F. BMT for exactly a week now and we are technically on our 3rd day of the week!

The countdown to graduation is slowly starting, but rapidly counting.  I have the MTi who loves to call us all 'imposters' because we got our uniforms right away and haven't earned them yet.  We had a couple of criers during the first phone calls we made.  I wasn't one of them Kevin.  Sorry I didn't get a chance to call into the show at that time.  My Mother comes first and needed to hear from me.

So get this, apparently my flight/dorm/group of trainees, whatever you want to call us, are hand selected to the band flight.  We learn to play instruments for our flights and others.  I think they looked at my background in radio and decided to continue a punishment of some sort.  I don't know how to play any instruments, I only know how to set up remote broadcasts!

I think I'll play the symbols, triangle, or maracas.  Oh by the way, if you remember my shaggy hair, and beard, you'd be surprised now.

Kevin, what was your first days of basic training like?  I'm sure the guys would like to hear and compare from this oasis in Texas.


Trainee French, AKA Hotel Ryan