Saeed Abedini will return to the United States Thursday according to his wife Naghmeh.  In a post on Facebook, Naghmeh said that Saeed will return home and meet with his parents.  She and the kids will be reunited with him Monday.  Naghmeh thanked everyone for their prayers and asked for all of us to pray for their marriage.

This will be the first time that Saeed has been able to see and hug his family for over three years.  He was recently released by the Iranian Government thanks to a deal brokered by the Obama Administration.

Naghmeh revealed that the family will be going through weeks or perhaps months of counseling. She thanked Franklin Graham for his prayers and support.  Naghmeh expressed her belief in God and in her marriage, "I am believing in a miracle for our marriage. WE need your prayers more than ever. The enemy wants to bring division and destruction. Please pray that we can heal and move forward united as a family."

Please take a moment and share a prayer for our friends and thank God for their reunion.