Today I was called a bigot, a homophobe, and other names by people that I've known for years.  The reason?  I disagree with the Ninth Circuit's ruling overturning Idaho's Defense of Marriage Law.  The law defined marriage as that between a man and woman.  The standard definition of unions for over two thousand years of Western Civilization.  Today that is gone.

What we're seeing is an unprecedented reversal of the will of the people.  The Supreme Court began this movement with last year's Windsor decision.  Now that they've passed the buck, there are only a few options left to keep marriage traditional.  Governor Otter and a few other governors remain to appeal this case.  Perhaps the Supreme Court will hear Idaho or Nevada's case.  The easy route would be to accept what the mainstream media will tell us.  The hard choice will be to encourage social conservatives to fight.  The promoters of 'tolerance' will call us names.  Oh the irony of that one!

I believe this is the beginning of a major assault on marriage.  Once law has been redefined, who's to say it won't be challenged again.  Already a judge has struck down Utah's 'antipolgamy' law.  This challenge was brought forth by a reality TV star.  I expect more challenges to redefine marriage.   So what's the big deal?  It's all about love right?  Marriage is about who you love?  Well what happens if society has no standards?

How can the Supreme Court deny polygamist their 'right to marry' when they've granted those rights to same sex couples?  I predict everyone will be using the Equal Protection Clause to further their agenda.  No one should be denied the right to love someone.  However without society's ability to protect itself through laws and standards, anything goes, which we are seeing today.