Watch Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker quit his run to the White House.And now there are??  Well, let's just be accurate and say there's one less GOP Presidential Candidate.  Governor Walker has decided to suspend operations citing the voters need 'focus on a limited number of candidates to focus on a positive conservative message.'

Walker continues to say the word positive several times and makes a reference to Donald Trump in his statement.  He tells the audience that it's important to look at someone who can win as opposed to the current front runner.  CNN reports that Walker's announcement comes ten days after former Texas Governor Rick Perry called it quits.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

Money and his political inexperience were two factors cited by CNN that contributed to Walker's downfall.

"Walker was also hurt by reversals on a host of controversial issues -- including birthright citizenship, on which he gave three different answers in the span of seven days. Those reversals were particularly damaging to his outsider image as non-politicians like Trump, Carson and Carly Fiorina climbed the polls.

Walker delayed entering the campaign in part to raise money for his super PAC, which posted a $20 million haul in the first half of 2015.

But once it launched, the campaign appeared to be bedeviled by a lack of hard dollars that it needed to pay staff, travel the country and pay filing fees to state parties. It will not be known how much money the Walker campaign raised -- or how quickly it burned through it -- until October 15, when the federal campaign finance reports are made public".

Walker who was elected, fought off a recall, and was reelected in Blue State Wisconsin showing national promise before announcing his presidential bid.  He vowed take his Badger State success national if elected.  We'll have to wait another four to eight years now to see if that happens.