Governor Otter, proving that he still runs the state of Idaho, sustained his veto Monday as the State Senate failed to garner the two thirds majority needed to override.  Originally the vote was for SB 1011 was 25-9.  Today the vote to override the governor's veto was 19-16.

The legislation would've made the 250 gaming machines in Idaho illegal if signed into law according to the Seattle Post Examiner.  The governor wants to appoint a special prosecutor to look into whether the machines are illegal.  He's also put a stop to new gaming machines being installed in racing facilities.

There is a question of the legality of the veto reports the Spokesman Review.  The article quotes Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett, D-Ketchum, stating the process and could look to challenge in court.

In addition, Betsy Russell breaks down the contributions from the racing interest and the Coeur d’Alene group.  It's noted that the racing interest contributed more than four times as much to the governor's campaign than the tribe.  Did that influence the decision?  It's a legitimate question that could lead to a court challenge.  For now, the racing and gaming continues and the governor proves once again that elections matter.