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Kevin Miller Show Compass Public Charter School
It’s “Promote Our Schools – Secure Our Future” day.. Kevin broadcasts live from the campus of Compass Public Charter School in Meridian.  Interviews with staff and students… Other guests today:  6:35 a.m. – Fox News Radio&Close…
Net Neutrality Overturned
On Thursday, Net Neutrality was repealed. But what exactly is Net Neutrality and what does the repeal mean for consumers?
Idaho Pets are Fat and Out-of-Shape
People in Idaho are in pretty good shape generally with low obesity rates and high activity levels, but our pets aren't following that trend.
It looks like we really need to take the dog for a walk more often.
Frontier Airlines is Coming Back To BOI
If you like having additional options when you travel, good news came this week from "ultra-low-cost" airline Frontier, as they announced they are returning service to Boise.
The Poorest Town in Idaho
46 million Americans live in poverty and this town in Idaho is home to some of the poorest people in the state.