Edward Snowden wants you to know that there is no place safe in America or for the world where privacy exists.  Well, maybe parts of Wyoming still qualify for a getaway from the drones, wiretaps, and computer bugging.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist does find it ironic that Snowden makes his allegations from the old Soviet Union otherwise known as Mother Russia.  Which has never really embraced self rule or the rights of the individual over the rights of the state.  Let's get started!

There is no country or individual that  is safe from the NSA, says Edward Snowden in the Washington Post.

Which administration is the most transparent?  Richard Nixon's or Barrack Obama's?  That is a question that most folks painfully know the answer to writes the Washington Times.

The republicans are once again embracing technology.  Let's hope it's a better effort than what happened on election day 2012 when the whole system crashed.  It's time a reboot says the Washington Examiner.

General George Armstrong Custer continues to provoke reaction after his death at the Little Big Horn.  Will we ever get a completely accurate look at the general wonders the Daily Caller?

Bowe Bergdahl continues to recover from his five years of captivity.  Has the reaction to his release been fair?  Should he be given a pass?  It's time to stop the criticism of Bowe reports Politico.

Could the Carolinas be hit by a real Hurricane this weekend?  Who needs fireworks when you have Mother Nature.  The report from accuweather.

Can anyone stop the wave after wave of illegal immigrants flooding the southwestern United States?  Here's an inside look at what's happening from Breitbart.

You don't have to be an American Citizen to get a Nevada Driver's License reports CBS Las Vegas.

The great conservative crusader Pat Buchanan says it's time to say no to anymore wars from CNS News.

Here are five human foods that are good for your pet from Yahoo.