It appears that the latest threat to national security is an armed Sock Monkey.  The TSA is in no mood for monkey business.    As reported by KING 5 in Seattle, a Washington woman was detained at the St. Louis Airport because her sock monkey was armed.  That's right Cowboys and Cowgirls, monkeys are not allowed to carry toy guns.  Phyllis May of Redmond told KING5 that she was going through security when a TSA agent held up her bag and grabbed her Sock Monkey.  May makes specialty monkeys and this one was dressed as a Cowboy complete with a 2 inch gun.  Apparently a monkey carrying a 2 inch gun is prohibited on all domestic flights.

I'm trying to think of something creative to give the what's next detaining people for wearing gun t-shirts?  Let's state the obvious and the stuffed or 'sock' monkey posed no threat to security.  The TSA believed that Mrs. May could use the gun to threaten folks on the plane so they took it away.  They remind me of

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Dean Wormer from Animal House, ' no fun for anyone!'  I would hope that the TSA does just as a militant of a job on monkeys as they do on potential terrorist.   We all understand and appreciate their difficult job, however let's keep our sense of humor.