Could the Idaho Conservative become the new Speaker of the House?  The nation was shocked last week as John Boehner resigned as Speaker of the House and his seat in Congress.  The big question is what's next?  Who will replace Boehner?  Some speculate that Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador has a chance to upset the Congressional apple cart.

It has been a tough year for the Eagle Conservative.  He passed on running against Governor Otter and saw Russ Fulcher almost upset the incumbent.  Labrador endorsed Fulcher late in the process.  Critics have stated that it was too late and did not impact the race.  After Fulcher's loss, he endorsed Otter, which angered his conservative base.  Let's not forget two other factors that have hurt Labrador.  His voting for John Boehner as Speaker and his hiring of Dan Popkey as Press Secretary.

As many state operatives recall,  Popkey was the most read and reviled columnist/reporter within Idaho GOP Circles.  His hiring has caused a rift within Labrador's base.  Then there's the speculation that the party establishment will recruit a well funded primary opponent for him for the Spring Primary.

However, no one gave the former immigration attorney a chance at beating then Congressman Walter Minnick.  Labrador's name is mentioned in national publications like USA Today as a contender for the Speaker's job.  He challenged Kevin McCarthy for the Majority Leader's job.  (You can read up on McCarthy courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.)

Could a true Conservative rally enough votes to become the third most powerful person in America?  A note to the naysayers, ask Donald Trump what he thinks?