The Supreme Court of the United States is empowered to be the final arbitrator of truth.  The nation's history has been changed with each tough decision by justices from the beginning of the republic.  Few Americans will ever agree with every court decision, yet every American agrees that the court should make a decision.  Today, they punted on same sex marriage.

Instead of agreeing to hear the appeals of Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, the court decided to leave it the hands of the lower courts.  So the fine work of ordinary folks who passed state constitutional amendments is now undone by the tyranny of the court and cowardice of the Supreme Court.

We saw this last year in the Windsor decision involving the court.  Windsor smacked down DOMA, the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, and ruled that only the state could defend Prop 8.  They ruled that marriage would be an issue decided by the states.  What happened next was indescribable.

Several legal experts declared that the state courts would be flooded with plaintiffs claiming that their rights have been violated by the equal protection clause of the constitution.  Their predictions have become our reality.  The court one way or the other, would have finally decided whether gays can marry.  Unfortunately, they refused to address a problem that the court caused.

Could you imagine that we'd witness states passing constitutional amendments and have them thrown out within years of becoming law?  Talk about the express pass when it comes to Lady Justice.  The Supreme Court has a responsibility to decide laws, not punt  them to appease the politically correct.