girls with guns

Girls Winners Receive Their Prizes
Congratulations to Ava & Braelyn our winners for the 2017 Girls with Guns Competition.  After over 6 million votes, these two young ladies are walking away with the $500.00 Gift Certificate from Boise Gun Company and the Gun Safe from Gourmet Grills and Idaho Safe and Vault.  ...
Girls with Guns Friday Update
We can't wait to finally find out who will be the 2017 Girls with Guns Winner.  We've held off on updating you on the latest voting, however here they are going into the last weekend.  Remember early, vote often!  Lock and Load!  The winner will be announced at 7am Mond…
Girls With Guns Top 5 – Vote Now
After two million votes, we've made it to the last round of voting. Here are your Top 5 Girls With Guns. Vote now and vote frequently!
Voring has ended for this year's Girls With Guns competition. The results will be announced soon.
Girls With Guns Friday Update Top 5
Only two days left to vote for your favorite girl with her gun.  Check out the latest rankings to see who’s in the top 5. We’re less than two weeks away from crowning our 2017 winner.

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