Find out how one teacher's car buying trip led to a big cash donation and school supplies for her local school.     Courtney Haugh is a fourth-grade teacher at Nampa Central Elementary School.  While she was gearing up for the school year, she was looking to buy a new car.  Little did she know that her trip to Team Subaru would lead to a 3,000 cash donation and a carload of school supplies for her students.

"When they (Team Subaru) found out I worked for the Nampa Schools, they asked how they could help," she shared.  "One thing led to another, and now they're here."  Team's donation will make a big difference for the students that attend Nampa Central.  Eighty-seven percent of the students are dependent on the free and reduced meals program.

Kevin Miller / Townsquare Media

Principal Tami Vandeventer appreciates the help from Team.  "A lot of our kids come without supplies, so it's donations like what Team Subaru has given that help us meet the needs of our kids," she shared.  "It will help them advance in their learning."

"Courtney was my neighbor, and when she came in to buy a car, we started talking about how the school needs supplies," said Aaron Ulrich, General Sales Manager of Team Subaru.  "We knew that Subaru was doing a program to help schools, and we wanted to do our part.  Anytime you can help kids and help our future you're making a difference."

The Team filled up a Subaru Outback with school supplies and delivered a 3,000 cash donation from Subaru. Ulrich described the process.  "It was a labor of love because you knew it was going to a good spot, it was exciting, it was fun."