Join us this Saturday Night at 6pm at Mickey Ray's BBQ on Milwaukee Avenue in Boise.  Check out the 10 reasons why you need to be there.

1.  Is Donald Trump one and done?  This debate will be in New Hampshire a must win for the Donald and other GOP hopefuls.

2.  Can Ted Cruz drive his Iowa win into the less social conservative Granite State?

3.  Will this be the last stand for Kasich, Christie, Paul, Carson, Fiorina and Bush?  A few of these candidates have placed all their hopes on a first or second place win in New Hampshire.

4.  Could Marco Rubio go from third to first?  Let's see how the Florida Senator handles the fast balls from ABC News.

5.  The great conversations that we have during the commercials.

6.  Mickey's great BBQ.

7.  The comments and analysis relating to Hillary and Bernie.  We'll flip a coin:)

8.  Hopefully the return of Dr. Ben Carson and his message of faith, family, freedom.

9.  The fast, friendly service of the Mickey Ray Staff.

10.  The community that you continue to build improving the Gem State.