Week 9


Americans seem to wear it as a badge of honor if they can 'get by' on 4 or 5 hours of sleep. That must mean we're so industrious and productive we don't have time for sleep. But inadequate sleep has unhealthy and even dangerous consequences.

For instance: did you know that women who get five hours of sleep per night or less, are 45% more likely to have heart problems?

And there is a strong link between inadequate sleep and obesity--even in children!

So how much sleep is enough. Well that depends on your age. We talk about that this week in our Habits of Health program. Also--we review the six stages of sleep so you can know if you sleep quality is sufficient.

And finally--we discuss some ideas to help you sleep better. And it just wouldn't be a show without razzing Jeff about his bad sleep habits.

6 pm Tuesday meetings: 3715 E. Overland Road, Health Coach Training Center
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