The Key to Selling Your Homes is Having Good Plans (P.L.A.N.S.)

Selling your home does not have to be as hard as it seems. Like most other undertakings, selling a home boils down to making a good plan and then using that plan to meet whatever challenges arise.

At CENTURY 21 Eagle Rock, we have developed a winning plan for selling homes here in Boise, and the surrounding Treasure Valley. Using our model, three of the last four homes we listed received accepted offers within less than two weeks. In fact, we have had several clients who received accepted offers within less than 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us for a list of recent clients.

Here's their model:

P - Price
L - Listing
A - Advertise
N - Negotiate
S - Settlement

Price - Without question, the most important consideration when selling a home is pricing it right. Here at CENTURY 21 Eagle Rock, we'll start by shopping for your home. We'll look at comparable homes in your area and shop them as if we were the customer. We will provide you with a list of all the active, pending and sold homes that are similar to yours and work with you to determine a market price.

Listing - Legally, we can only move forward with a listing agreement. At CENTURY 21 Eagle Rock Properties, we do not require clients to list with us for a minimum time period, nor do we lock you into a listing if you wish to withdraw. We view a listing as a partnership and follow strict protocol and internal checklists for maintaining our listings and - most importantly-keeping in touch with you. It is stressful enough to sell your home without having to babysit your professional representative. If there's one complaint across the real estate industry, it's communications. To date, we haven't had this complaint because of our attention to detail.

Negotiations - Our philosophy on real estate negotiations are very simple - win-win. In the end, it's only a good deal if everyone feels good about it. Over 15 years of sales and business analytics experience in addition to an MBA from Northwestern University has provided me with tools for understanding market, buyer motivations, and negotiation tactics. Ask me about some of the memorable negotiations I've worked on with past clients.

Settlement - The culmination of our sales and marketing plan for your home is, of course, the settlement or closing. We almost always recommend closing with a title company and we have several title officers we have worked with for years. Completing the settlement through a reputable title and escrow company will ensure you have a thorough title search, reliable title insurance, and careful handling of all escrows.