Today's guests:  6:am - Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle- the former United States Navy SEAL who had a movie made about him titled, "American Sniper". Taya will be one of the featured speakers at the "Marcus Lutrell Patriot Tour", coming to the Egyptian Theater in Boise, August 22nd;  6:25am - Marcus Lutrell, former United States Navy SEAL. His story about a battle against the Taliban was made into the movie, "Lone Survivor". Lutrell will speak at his "Patriot Tour" in Boise this month;  7:am - Fox News' Jon Decker reports on the State of the Army, according to Gen. Raymond Odierno;  7:10am - Local financial planner and radio talk show host Dave Petso analyzes the financial woes of China;  7:40am - Cameron McCown of the Bread of Life Community Deli in Meridian dicsusses his shop's "pay what you want" concept;  8:40am - Rachel Sutherland from Fox News radio has the latest on the Hillary Clinton email server story.