830AM-9AM  US Senator Jim Risch checks in from Capitol Hill.  The senator informs Kevin on the latest issues involving the budget, foreign affairs and defense spending.

8AM-830AM WIlliam Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration joins Kevin discussing the latest immigration controversies in Washington. Mr. Gheen details the amnesty movement within both parties.

730AM-8AM State Senator Heider checks with an update on the state budget talks in the legislature.  The senator explains to Kevin his bill to limit pay day loan stores from damaging consumers in Idaho.

7AM-730AM...Fox News Reporter Steve Taylor details the Senator Paul lawsuit against the NSA.  If you have cell phone then you're a plaintiff.  Kevin previews the grand opening of the new 8th and Main Building in downtown Boise.  Kevin asks listeners to help apprehend the Meridian Prowler.

630AM-7AM The fallout over the police shooting the service dog in Filer continues.  Kevin shares a Channel 7 report and then takes calls on the issue.  Fox News Reporter Emily Wither checks in from the Middle East on the latest peace initiative.

6AM-630AM Kevin looks at the feedback from yesterday's senate vote 7-2 on moving campus carry to the full senate floor.  Kevin details the comments of Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson saying, 'that democracy failed yesterday.'

530AM-6AM.. Kevin and Dave take a look at the Winter Olympics.  They examine whether people are tuning into the games.   Dave said he's looking forward to Kevin driving a pickup truck next week.  Kevin and Dave go back and forth concerning women's hockey in the Olympics.