Forget the Super Bowl.  It's nice to see the return of Tim Tebow in this great commercial.  I can't help but hope that this conservative Christian gets another shot at the NFL.    I'm sure the brain surgeons that run the Cleveland or Jacksonville teams are content with their quarterbacks.  Then again, I'm not sure who's running those teams.   If given the chance, Tim could lead a team both on and off the field.
Getty Images Bart Young
  Funny as folks debate Richard Sherman's rant or Marshawn Lynch's silence, I can't help but think how much bigger the Super Bowl would be with Tebow.  He just makes folks better.  Can we say that about the current crop of professional athletes?
  So enjoy the video and have a good laugh.  The game will be good and the commercials will be captivating.  The lesson that I'm taking away from Super Sunday is it's nice to see nice guys finishing first.  If not on the field, then certainly off.  Let's face it, that's where most of us really live.