Does good news exist anymore?  Think about it, we've got border issues, bombing issues, Russian issues, and the hits go on and on.  Thankfully we've got NASCAR to take our minds off of the events of the day.  Unfortunately, NASCAR's favorite son is now in the cross hairs of controversy.   Let's see if we can find some inspirational stories in today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

A shocking death in motor racing this weekend has shocked the world of sport.  NASCAR legend Tony Stewart is under siege for his actions Saturday night says CBS News.

Published reports indicate that David Gregory will be getting the boot from Meet the Press.  Gregory cannot compare with the deceased Tim Rusert when it comes to appeal inside and outside of DC writes Deadline.

A young Missouri man was shot by police after fighting with them without a weapon.  Members of the community respond by rioting according the Associated Press.

Here's a list of the 10 most conservative and liberal cities according to Houston Chronicle.

The border is so insecure that Osama Bin Laden has crossed the US/Mexican Border.  Whoops, let me rewrite that one, the US/Mexican Border is so porous that someone dressed up as Osama has crossed the border reports the Washington Times.

Just in case we haven't covered racism enough, the 8 things that are racist according to the Daily Caller.

Has the economy really gotten better under President Obama?  The stock market is at an all time high, but where are the jobs?  Some insight behind the numbers from the Washington Examiner.

Did you get a chance to go out Sunday Morning?  Perhaps go for a drive or a walk after church?  Here's what happened on all the Sunday Political Shows from the Washington Free Beacon.

My favorite local story involving some Idaho Moms wanting a law protecting public breastfeeding reports Channel 7.

It looks like Russia will be invading the Ukraine says Yahoo.