BOISE -- A driver who crashed through a fence at Gowen Field while fleeing officers has been taken into custody inside a fenced area on the property of the Idaho Humane Society, police said.
Boise police spent the afternoon looking for the man in the area of West Orchard and South Dorman streets on the west side of the Air Guard base, while Guard members searched inside the base.
The chase began around 11:00 Sunday morning when an officer tried to stop the driver of a blue Chevy pickup near the intersection of West Franklin Road and South Orchard Street. The driver refused to pull over and sped away at high speeds.
The same pickup was spotted a few minutes later on Orchard near I-84. Police say the driver took off and was found driving on Orchard near Dorman. Police say the driver tried to ram the side of a patrol car. The officer was able to pull out of the path of the pickup, which drove through a fence on the western side of Gowen Field. Police say the man then got out of the truck and took off on foot.
Police found the man inside the fence on the property of the Humane Society. At this point, police have not announced charges or the suspect's identity.