Who is a terrorist and how do you stop them?  Can they be stopped?  The TSA says they don't profile passengers, but should they?  Have ever wondered how the TSA determines if you are a threat?  Is so, here's how not to act like terrorist.

The tips come from an article from the National Journal via the intercept.  In them we learn there is a ninety two point check list that look at your actions and behavior.  Here are a few surprising offenses that will raise the attention of TSA Agents.

Before I share them with you, I've been known to do a lot of them.  Who would've thought yawning could be viewed as suspicious? That's right yawing is on the list.  Here's the others: complaining about the screening process, widely open starring eyes, wearing improper attire for location, whistling, gazing down, grooming gestures, pale face from shaving beard, and rubbing or wringing hands. 

So remember no yawning if you want to avoid the pat down the next time you fly!