Tuesday 04/19/16...Today's guests: 6:am - FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Steve Moore about hydraulic fracturing:  6:40am - Fox News Radio's Simon Owen reports on the Pope's stance on Syrian refugees;  7:am - Doug Sachtleben of Club for Growth says New York is make-or-break for Donald Trump;  7:40am - Attorney Thomas Moorhead promotes his book, "Owner's Manual for Landlords and Property Managers: A Complete Legal Survival Guide to Help You Make and Keep More of Your Rental Housing Income" : 8:am - Marita Noon, Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great, says Earth Day's anti-fossil fuel focus could plunge millions into green energy poverty; 8:40am - Singer, film screenwriter, actress, doll designer and Nutrisystems spokesperson Marie Osmond promotes her new album.