Today's guests: 6:am - Noah Wall, Freedom Works National Dir. of Grassroots says it's unfortunate that IRS head Lois Lerner faces no punishment for targeting Conservatives; 6:35am - Fox News Radio's Tonya J Powers reports a high school coach could be fired for praying with his players;  7:am - Jon Decker from Fox News follows the president's meeting with teachers about student testing;  7:35am - Middle East expert Dr. Andrew Bostom discusses the current violence in Israel where Palistinians are killing Jews;  8:am - Author of "The Rocket Boys" (which was made into the movie "October Skies") Homer Hickam joins Kevin to discuss his new book, "Carrying Albert Home";  8:35am - Fox News reporter Jeff Monosso on game 1 of the World Series with the Mets and the Royals.