830AM-9AM Kevin examines the complaints against the Caldwell Police Department for shooting Black Crows in the Wal Mart parking lot.   He takes calls on the add the words protestors at the capital yesterday.

8AM-830AM  The Washington Free Beacon's Bill Gertz expands on the Chinese Hypersonic Missile that can reach America.  Gertz tells Kevin that the US will have to deal with the Chinese expansion in the Pacific.

730AM-8AM  Big Ed Beckley tells Kevin his first hand account of why the Twin Falls City Council voted 5-2 last night denying his permit to jump the Snake River Canyon.  Emily Wither checks in from Jerusalem announcing details of the president's trip to Saudi Arabia.

7AM-730AM Racel Cruze joins Kevin previewing Entreleadership and The Legacy Tour at the Morrison Center tomorrow and Thursday.  She reveals what Dave Ramsey is like as a dad.  Plus what you can do to get your financial house in order.

630AM-7AM Fox News Reporter Jared Halpern reviews Bill O'Reilly verses President Obama part two.  Kevin examines why the Idaho State Board of Education voted against the new gun bill.

6AM-630AM  Kevin examines the protest yesterday at the Senate.  Ed and John call in to say the legislation is unnecessary.  Kevin takes a look at drinking recycled toilet water for drinking.

530AM-6AM  Kevin and Robin take a look at Twin Falls denying Ed Beckley's permit to jump the Snake River Canyon.  They also take a look at the protest from the 'Add the Words' Campaign yesterday at the statehouse.