Is this the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton?  Watch Bob Woodward tell the folks on Morning Joe what he thinks!  Hillary Clinton dismissed reports about the FBI Investigation involving her email server as the same old dirty political tricks of yesterday during an appearance at the Iowa State Fair.  However, as you see in the video above, Bob Woodward told the folks on MSNBC's Morning Joe that server-gate reminds him of the Nixon Tapes.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Now the Washington Times has reported that the number of classified emails has grown from 60 to 305.  This is not good news for Clinton who believes that we still live in the 1990s and the press can protect her like they did her husband Bill.  Several Clinton supporters are now wondering if it's time to call in 'Uncle' Joe Biden, John Kerry or Al Gore to save the Democratic Party.  Operatives who have worked with and for the FBI believe the Bureau would not have asked for the server if they didn't believe they have a winnable case against Clinton.