Watch Chris Wallace ask Carly Fiorina about her tenure as CEO of HP.    Carly Fiorina is riding high according to the most recent presidential poll.  CNN has the former CEO #2 behind Donald Trump.  Fiorina is now getting the attention of a front runner.  The problem for her, is that means her time at HP will be scrutinized.  Chris Wallace played a clip of the ad that Senator Barbara Boxer ran against Fiorina in 2010.  Judge for yourself how effective it will be in 2016.

Politico and Forbes have written some unflattering stories covering her time at HP.  Ask anyone who works at HP here and they'll tell you she was a disaster.  The Politico Article describes her as not learning from failure, she plays fast and loose with metrics, makes irresponsible decisions, and resorts to personal attacks.

The Forbes piece details her privileged background revealing how she rose to power.  There are not a lot of successful stories in the article.  Her time at Lucent Technologies and the McCain Campaign are examples of her failures.  The profile examines how HP stock performed during the recession compared to other stocks.

  "As for investors reaping rewards, when Fiorina first got the top job at HP, shares stayed ahead of the market but they then fell sharply and stayed down. To be sure, those years were tough for tech stocks but HP stock lost half its value while she was CEO. The S&P fell 7% during that period. Shares at competitor IBM lost 27% of their value while rival Dell held steady and Apple tripled its stock price during Fiorina’s time at HP."

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  The question will be whether her past performance will derail her future?  She's had a good ride so far, but now come the tough questions from her competitors and the media.  Her high flying ride to the top could be a short lived one if she's judged by her record.  Then again, everyone in America likes a second act.  Except if you worked under her regime at HP.