Watch Kevin Miller broadcast the KIDO morning show live during the morning commute.  Thankfully the video is sped up and I hope it's entertaining.  What's not entertaining is being stuck in traffic.  I'm glad the Idaho Department of Transportation decided not to restrict lanes as they continue to expand the freeway.  Still, there are delays and sometimes bumper to bumper traffic.  Most media folks talk about traffic from their workplace studios.  Few have to deal with morning traffic like most folks in the Treasure Valley.  (This was the first and only broadcast of its kind in the Gem State.)

Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

We didn't have many delays, which is rare during most mornings.  I'm looking forward to doing more and more of these types of shows.  Perhaps a journey to Canyon County, the state of Oregon, or some side streets.  Let me know if there's a special route that causes you stress in the morning and we'll do our best to call attention to the delays.  Hopefully that will cause traffic officials to hear what we're saying.  A special thanks to Team Subaru for providing the Subaru Forrester.