Watch President Obama say that if Congress had passed his gun 'reforms' tragedies like Charleston may have been prevented.    President Obama continues his push to regulate more restrictions on gun owning Americans in a speech before the US Conference of Mayors.  The president stated in the video above that if Congress had passed legislation after Newtown perhaps the killings in Charleston could've been avoided.

He called for a national conversation on restricting access to guns.  President Obama continued to say that race is a problem in the country as well.  I have a few issues with the president calling for more gun control so soon after Charleston.  If the Obama truly cared about gun owners, then why use Charleston as a talking point?  It undermines his credibility on the subject.  Remember it was Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder who stated we need to 'brainwash Americans against guns.'

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

If the president wanted to help the folks in Charleston, he would travel to the area and attend church at the Emanuel African Methodist Church.  His message of unity in the face of tragedy would send a powerful message to the country and the world.  It would also show the country that the president cares more about Americans than trying to take their guns.