Watch MSNBC's Reverend Al Sharpton shove Fox News Reporter Leland Vittert for asking the Mayor of Baltimore a question.  Is Baltimore not apart of America?  Did Sharpton commit the crime of assault?  What's his role in the Baltimore Crisis?  Is it appropriate for Sharpton to be there?  Doesn't he work for NBC News?

Let's give you some answers right here.  Baltimore is part of America and Sharpton's presence underscores how badly the folks in the Charm City have handled this mess.  If Sharpton is a reporter he shouldn't be doing security for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake.  If he were a 'real' member of the press, he would be rightly fired for his actions.

Sharpton did commit assault by touching the Fox Reporter.  I don't think any charges will be filed or should be.  You just can't touch people without their permission.  Sharpton's role is to promote all things Reverend Al while appearing to be on the scene to help.  When's the last time Al helped a situation?

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Sharpton does work for NBC News.  However, they employ Brian Williams.  That should cover that one!  The truth is that they has always been a double standard when it comes to Sharpton and others.  As seen above, he's made it worse not better.  Thankfully the national drama has little influence on us in the Gem State.  Another reason to thank God we live in Idaho