Watch ABC's George Stephanopoulos attempt to trap Donald Trump.  Did Hillary get similar treatment on CBS?  I've often wondered on and off the air how any Republicans can ever win the presidency.  It's not that the GOP lack qualified candidates; it's that the mainstream media picks the winners, and they're always democratic.  The one candidate who can destroy the left's dominance is Donald Trump.

The gaggle of the usual liberal elites are confused with how to discredit The Donald.  He's must-see TV and a ratings draw.  The libs may talk policy, but they need Trump to continue so they can attract a larger audience.  FOX had 24 million viewers, and CNN had 22.9 viewers watching their debates.  Without Mr. Trump, the audience would've had a third of those numbers.

The clearest way to derail Trump is the media's continued endless targeting of him.  Notice the difference in tone between former Clinton Employee and current Clinton Money Contributor George Stephanopolous and Hillary's treatment from Face The Nation's John Dickerson.

Did you notice the love fest?  How about the lack of a tough follow up?  The media positions the Republicans as fools and the Democrats as reasoned well thought of public servants.  John Kasich was repeatedly asked over the weekend about his comments concerning Hispanic maids.  What does that have to do with ISIS, Putin and the VA crisis?  It doesn't, and that's how the media plans to win the election for Hillary.

Steve Pope/Getty Images

Surprisingly, there's no coverage of the lack of Democratic Debates?  Coincidence?  Only Donald Trump can break through the media's leftist tilt.  Trump, like Reagan, speaks directly to the people.  He's the antidote to the politically correct censorship that handcuffs free speech.  The media continues to stack the deck against him.  Look at last week's CNN Debate.  The loaded questions, the tone of the moderators, and the desperation of the rest of the field.  Plus the audience was made up of establishment folks that are not fans of Trump.

Most politicians would've fallen into their trap and not recovered.  Trump excels and continues to hold the politicians and elites accountable.  Too bad the media can't follow his example.