Recently I had a chance to catch up with Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Host and Fox News Host Sean Hannity.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Sean for many years and  he's still a Great American.Do we ever know the personalities on the radio?  We always wonder what folks are really like when the mic is not on.  Is it an act?  Are they person we tune into everyday?  I have to say that Sean Hannity is the most genuine host I have met in my 19 years as a talk host. His show is a great addition to our lineup here at 580 KIDO from 3pm-6pm.

I've known Sean since I moved to Alabama in 1997 to work at a radio station in Athens, Alabama.  Sean had worked there several years before I had gotten there, but never forgot his roots.  You would expect someone working at FOX and New York radio to have put Alabama behind him, but not Sean.  Sean called me to congratulate me on getting his old gig.  Anytime I needed advice, Sean Hannity was always there to help me.

I've moved around a lot in my years.  It amazed me whenever I would bump into Sean, whether at a convention or the White House, he would always beat me to the greeting.  Let's face it, when you're national radio and TV, you have to be focused, Sean always took time to talk and ask me about the market I was working in.  That meant a lot and still does.

Thursday, I ran into Sean at a conference in Philadelphia where he was the featured speaker.  He was swamped by folks working in the radio business.  People that own radio stations, networks, and other media enterprises. Sean made sure that I had a few moments to catch up with him.

We talked about the area and how we're glad he's on 580 KIDO.  Remember he's heard on over 500 stations, without missing a beat, Sean wanted to know what he could do to help our community.  That's unusual in the world of big time media. Sean fights for ideas.

I can truly tell you based on my experience that Sean is the real deal and I'm honored that he chose to join our radio station.  I look forward to hearing him every afternoon.  Please join me and tell a friend.