830AM-9AM Fox News Reporter Jessica Golloher checks in with a live report from the Sochi Olympics.  Kevin takes calls on the legislature debating campus carry.  Several BSU students sound off against the bill.

8AM-830AM Kevin previews the debate on whether students should be allowed to carry firearms on campus.  He revisits the Filer dog shooting and talks about jobs in Idaho.

730AM-8AM Jan Rogers, executive director of the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization, reports in about the growth of jobs in the state.  Kevin looks at the upcoming hearing today concerning guns on campus.

7AM-730AM Fox News Reporter Steve Taylor breaks down the first meeting with new Fed Chair Janet Yellen.  Kevin takes a look at raising the speed limit to 80 mph in Idaho.  Speaking of cars, Kevin breaks down the best new car deals in February.

630AM-7AM Kevin takes a look at the Meridian Prowler.  He goes over the governor's news conference yesterday.  Kevin takes calls on the guns on campus bill being debated in the state house.

6AM-630AM  Kevin goes over the Filer Police Officer shooting the dog in Filer.  He plays the tape and listeners respond.  Kevin states that there is no reason that the dog should have been shot.

530AM-6AM Kevin and Dave breakdown the weather forecast and let folks know how wet it is.  Dave urges Kevin to go to Seattle since Kevin likes the rain so much.  Kevin opines about the lack of enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics.  They both give their take on the Michael Sam story.