We have an obsession with race in America.  It has morphed from a terrible crime against humanity in the form of slavery and Jim Crow to a weekly faux outrage.  The latest shot across the bow comes from the cosmetically appealing Megyn Kelly.  Kelly fired off that Santa was a white man and so was Jesus.  She was commenting on a story written by an author who wished that Santa was black.  The usual suspects have weighed in smacking Kelly for daring to say that Santa was white.

We could entertain all the folks who want to divide America over the race of Kris Kringle.  I find it demoralizing that this is an issue.  We should focus on the spirit of Santa which is colorblind as long as your a good little boy or girl.  No one wants to be on the naughty list.  ( I should know since I've been on that list for several years:)  Those that want to focus on the color of Santa's skin are teaching kids the wrong lesson.

What's next, are we going to have hyphenated Santas all over the country?  Can we all agree that Santa is universal?  I would hope so for the sake of our future.  Let me share with you the beauty of America when it comes to race.

Gabrielle Douglas was a long shot to make the Women's Olympic Team.  The African American teen being raised by a single mom in Virginia.  Gabby had a dream of making the Olympic Team.  Never mind that the US Coaches were not high on her or believed she had what it takes to make the team.  Gabby's mom heard of a gymnastic coach from China who was training potential Olympians in Iowa.

Liang Chow a former Chinese gymnast

Getty Images

was fast becoming the go to guy in woman's gymnastics.  He already had one multi-medalist champion in Shawn Johnson.  Chow brought out the best in Douglas well before the world would know her as the 'flying squire.'  While in Des Moines Gabby lived and was home schooled by a white family.  The rest is history.  Douglas became the first African American to win the all around Olympic Gold Medal.  People didn't care about her skin color.  They just cheered. That is the beauty of America.  We all come together and make things happen.

So regardless of what Megyn's opinion is on our favorite jolly elf,  it's about the giving on the inside not the color of the package on the outside that matters.