As Bronco nation seeks to figure out how to move on there are several thoughts that come to mind in how to explain why Chris Petersen left Boise State for the University of Washington.  Was it as simple as detailed in the movie, "He's just not into you?" Was it the Larry David inspired character George Costanza line in Seinfeld, ' it's not me, it's you.'  In honor of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination let's have our own version of the Warren Report.

The fans did it!  It has been speculated throughout the Treasure Valley that Petersen was fed up with the fans criticizing him for his close losses.  Plus the fact that BSU would have to beg folks to come to games against non-marquee opponents.  I personally like it when people get mad at folks that want the program to do better and are called fair weather fans.  Really, that's what fans are, fanatical.  The more you win, the higher the expectations.. See Nick Saban for clarification.

The reality.  Fans have every right to get mad when their team loses.  They pay for the big money salaries.  This is not the old Soviet Union.  This is America and people have the right to express themselves, it's called the first amendment.  The stadium issue might have a little more legs and less face it.  Who wants to pay 50 bucks to see Southern Miss?

The BSC did it!  Petersen was brilliant at manipulating the old BCS system.  Could anyone right a better script than a school with limit resources beating, again and again, college football powers without a tenth of their money.  You know what happens to true believers, it never ends well.  If you can't buy them off, see Utah, TCU and others.  You change the system so the mountain, literally and figuratively, is too tough to climb!

The reality.  This one has more legs than most.  Remember what Chris Petersen said at the beginning of the season, "this is the toughest regular season we've faced."  I believe him.  The old Mountain West is not the powerhouse at the top that the old one was.  However the league is deeper and getting better.  See Colorado State, SDSU, Utah State and San Jose State as rising powers.  This isn't league is a lot better than the old WAC with Coach Akey and the Vandals as the big game of the year.  Who wants to compete in a better conference with the same or diminishing resources with the BCS decked stacked against you?

The administration did it and meeting unreal expectations.  The scoreboard is very turbulent on this one.  Gene Bleymaier gets the boot.  BSU bolts to the Mountain, then to the Big East, or is it All American?, then back to the Mountain.  Mark Coyle is named the new athletic director.  Dr. Kustra announces on CH. 7 before the Washington game that BSU usually beats the PAC 12 teams and expects the same that night.

The reality.  No one likes change and Gene leaving was a big one.  The father of the blue turf given the boot?  The one constant in the successful rise of the Broncos shown the door?  Bleymaier has a talent for coaches and stability.  Ask Fresno State if they think he's lost anything.  This happens to all of us in life when we lose a great boss.  Suddenly there's no buffer, so it's you and the big boss. I'm sure Pete appreciated Gene's ability to schedule great games and keeping the suits out of his way.

Mark Coyle seem like a nice guy, but what does a basketball guy from Kentucky know about football in Boise?  Dr. Kustra should not be blamed for his belief in the program on television.  It did reveal how dependent the school has been on the Broncos success that it expected results against better financed opponents.  The university has enjoyed incredible expansion thanks to the Broncos.  We get spoiled and that's what happened here.

  The curse of Kellen Moore.  How do you replace the irreplaceable?  (I think we'll find out soon enough when a new coach is named.)  The pride of Prosser's record at BSU was 50-3.  With a few breaks it could have been 53 and ).  No one is college football will ever come close to his excellence.  However there's a price to pay for that incredible run.

The reality.  Let's look at the past for clarification.  How did Philip Fulmer do without Peyton Manning?  Forget the national title with Tee Martin.  Tennessee was never the same and Fulmer was shown the door.  Urban Meyer without Tim Tebow?  He's now the coach at the Ohio State University.  When you have a dominant quarterback it's tough to get reps to the kids farther down the line.  So you don't have the time to develop a depth or a true successor.   The past two years have been an indication of how much Moore meant to BSU.  By the way, let's end the silliness and RETIRE  #11!

What really happened last Thursday night?  With respect to James Garrison, the famous JFK investigator, let's dispel the magic bullet theory.  Pete was dealing with increased pressure in a more competitive conference without the stability or support of previous campaigns without the weapons made available to him.  What made Pete leave?  The chance to succeed and the resources to make it happen.  Where was the win here?  Another trip to Vegas or a chance to play for the big enchilada?

It will be interesting to see and fun to watch how Coach Pete competes as the coach of the Huskies.  This will be the first time that he'll have equal or better resources than his opponent.  Sometimes, as in work or break ups, there isn't one deal breaker.  I believe that's the what we've seen with Pete leaving.  We wish him well, and like that great sitcom Seinfeld we will cherish his making the improbable possible.