The Gem State should follow Pine Tree State when it comes to the second amendment.

Republican Governor Paul LePage signed a 'constitutional carry' bill this week allowing Maine Gun Owners to conceal their weapons without a permit.  Idaho has been trying to get a similar bill passed for several years.  The Gem State did pass a bill that allowed gun owners to carry without a permit outside city limits.

Maine becomes the fifth state to pass concealed carry legislation, according to Reuters.  The Idaho movement's proponent is the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, who proposed a bill that didn't receive a public hearing.  In fact, the group was attacked by members of the legislature for harassing legislators.

So how does a liberal state like Maine pass significant gun legislation and Idaho's efforts fail?  Maine's bill passed with bipartisanship support.  While Idaho, the Republican legislature refuses to hear the voices of its citizens who want to protect themselves.  Clearly when in comes to the second amendment, liberal Maine cares more about guns than opponents of constitutional carry in Idaho.

The disappointing fact is that the current crop of elected legislators doesn't share the need to expand gun rights.  Many find it ironic that the 'add the words' lobby were granted a three-day hearing during last year's session.  The 2016 session will be the bellwether for the Republicans who control the legislature.

If constitutional carry does not get a hearing, then look for most incumbents to be reprimanded by voters in the primary.  The conservative gun movement in Idaho continues to grow.  Let's hope our lawmakers, like their colleagues in Maine, champion constitutional carry!