Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen teaches us in the Habits of Health that there are three distinct types of choices: primary, secondary, and fundamental.
• Primary choice—a major choice, something we want more than other things that we may want.
• Secondary choice—concerns the actions we take to support our primary choice, even if we don’t really want to.
• Fundamental choice—defines our state of being, where we stand.
Optimal health is a fundamental choice. It’s what defines our state of being, and should guide all your daily choices. Your primary choices are your most important habits and goals—the foundations of health. These will dictate the secondary choices that you make daily.
Knowing how to determine what’s primary—and therefore, what’s secondary—enables you to rise above any situation, however hard, to support your greater good. So in fact, the relationship between primary and secondary choice is the key to discipline. Once you know how to manage this relationship, you’ll be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.