Are you ready for some fireworks? I would be shocked if the loud popping sounds didn't start immediately. Idahoans love their right to blow stuff up and the 4th of July is like a free pass!

This is when you start stopping at every stop on a corner or in the grocery store for fireworks packages. Do you know what's in those kits?

The Gallery of Idaho Fireworks

Let's start quickly with the "don't wait" conversation. The industry had a big 2020 due to all the shutdown events surrounding COVID-19. You couldn't go out and everyone stayed inside. Neighborhoods went nuts. Plus, Independence day fell on a Saturday last year.

July 4th falls on a Sunday and that still gives Idaoans the weekend to fire off blasters across the neighbor's house. Don't laugh because it happens!

Would know what a Voodoo Rain is if you saw that package on a shelf? Well, it's the one we want!

Let's be honest. You want to be the cool house right? Safety is always paramount and that goes without saying. We still want to have everyone talking about how cool your fireworks display compared to the neighbor that always shows you up around Christmas.

That's why you need Breaking Hard for all the Idaho Breaking Bad fans.

I would never know that's what's in the box. You just think if it's in a decent size box it must wake up the neighborhood. This is still one that neighborhood kids love, Night Vision.

The Last Trumpet

Koi Pond

Missing your annual Vegas trip with friends? I love that there's a Vegas Trip 30 shot special. It might not be as crazy as your "what's happens in Vegas..." vacation, but it would be fun to order it up.

Vegas Trip


There are plenty of Fireworks hot spots around the Treasure Valley. I have spoken with Rocky Moutain Fireworks and they were very specific that this year was going to be difficult. The volume of fireworks being sold this year won't be like it was last year. This could also mean that waiting for the last second sale might not happen.

We've also been working with Discount Fireworks Superstore and don't wait or you could be left out this year. Here's a list of some fireworks you might be seeing on shelves.

50 Idaho Must Have Fireworks

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