Double J Dog Ranch has done it again!

Animal Planet has set the date! The 18th Puppy Bowl will air on Sunday, February 13. 33 states, through 67 shelters will be represented in the heartwarming TV special. The Puppy Bowl describes itself as a celebration of adoptable dogs and the staff at the shelters that work selflessly to help find them happy fur-ever homes.

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Thanks to Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho will be represented in this year's game! They're one of the most unique animal rescues in the state. Their mission is to rescue, re-home or provide a safe place for special needs dogs in jeopardy of being put down. They also work to educate the public about what a rewarding experience opening their homes to a special needs pet can be.

This year, Double J is sending Rocket, a deaf puppy, to the big game to represent Team Fluff! According to Double J's Facebook page if you're trying to spot him during the show, you'll see him hanging on the sidelines more than the chasing other pups on the field. While all the dogs in the Puppy Bowl were adoptable when the show was filmed, Rocket's already found a happy ending. Double J says he's been adopted by a family who's adopted a dog from the ranch in the past.

discovery+/ Animal Planet/ ‘The Dogist’ Elias Weiss Friedman
discovery+/ Animal Planet/ ‘The Dogist’ Elias Weiss Friedman

Rocket isn't the first dog that Double J has sent to the Puppy Bowl! Chicklet, a deaf puppy, was not only in the game but also made the starting lineup.

In 2017, Winston, a deaf and sight-impaired puppy, represented Idaho in the game and found his fur-ever home along the way. During filming and the press tour, Winston found a new family that eventually took him to Los Angeles.

Moonshine was blind, deaf and had other neurological issues. Sadly, she passed away about a year after making her Puppy Bowl appearance.

Blind husky puppy, Ryder, participated the same year as Moonshine.

In 2019, Bumble, who is both blind and deaf, not only competed in the Puppy Bowl, she went on to be the first special needs participant to win the title of MVP.

In 2020, right before the world got weird, Double J sent both Filbert, a deaf puppy and Daphne, a puppy with an esophagus disorder, to play their hearts out.

Six-year old Lulu, who is deaf, was also chosen to be part of the Dog Bowl that year. It's a similar event that focuses on older dogs searching for new homes.

If you can't wait to see all 104 of the adorable pups playing in this year's game, we put together a gallery of some of the doggone cutest dogs from right here in the Treasure Valley to tie you over until Puppy Bowl Day!

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