What would you do if your spouse was incarcerated?  Suddenly, a family is without a breadwinner and loses its home.  This wasn't a nightmare; it happened to one Treasure Valley who shared their story with me Wednesday Morning. 

Kenny and Lindsey Nunes are now living in their own home and supporting their family.  Without the help of the Boise Rescue Mission, things would not have turned out so well for their family.  "It provided a safe place for me and my family to stay when things got rough," said Kenny Nunes.  "When I was incarcerated my wife had nowhere to go, they were there for my family, they provided shelter for them.  It was nice knowing that they were taken care of."

Once Kenny was released from jail, he lived at the River of life and joined the New Life Program, which gave him direction and provided him an opportunity to get a home for his family.  The experience gave him a new perspective on the homeless issue.  "I come from Los Angeles, California where I see homeless people on a daily basis.  This experience has changed how I look at the issue differently."

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