The thought of losing a child is too much for my heart to bear, but that is what the parents of 10-year-old Maximus Hansen are dealing with. In the midst of their grief, they say they want their son's stolen bicycle back. 

Max passed away last Wednesday in a horrible drowning accident, but his bike was stolen on his birthday this past May. Max's parent's tell KTVB, that it's a


very distict blue Mongoose frame bike with big fat tires.

They say he was coming home from Lake Hazel Elementary with his friend on his birthday carrying cupcakes. Max and his friend Miles ate all the cupcakes, but when they went back to get Max's bike the bike was gone.

Despite filing a police report at the time of the theft, the bike never turned up. Now, Max's parents say it's important for them to get it back to remember their son by and to give to Max's little brother as a memory of his brother.

The family says if you have the bike you can drop it off at Lake Hazel Elementary or the police station. Let's get this bike back for this Treasure Valley family who is facing terrible grief right now with the loss of their son.

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