I'm a big believer in miracles happening every day and we just had a whopper here in Boise. Malinda Figueroa suffered a stroke and has been pronounced brain dead.  The twist here is that she was 23 weeks pregnant and doctors are doing everything they can to save this little life.

Doctors at Saint Alphonsus have delivered little Christopher Rueben at one pound one ounce.  Christopher is currently fighting for his life in the NICU where he's hooked up to machine to help him breathe.

A lot of people gathered at Saint Alphonsus yesterday in support of Malinda and newly born Christopher.  Some were family and some strangers but all of them prayed together for a miracle.  So far the doctors at Saint Alphonsus are making that miracle a reality.  Saint Alphonsus cannot comment on specifics for any patient so we know very little about the details of Christopher's chances or anything else regarding this situation.

The family does need money for medical bills and a GoFundMe page has been set up HERE.  The goal is $50,000.  Anything and everything including thoughts and prayers will help.

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