Kevin Miller begins the show this morning by reviewing the decision by the Idaho Legislature to 'table Marcy's Law.'  The decision comes as multiple state conservative groups protested the proposed bill as an infringement on gun rights.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who debate whether or not former presidential lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen is trustworthy.  Kevin Miller reports on the Idaho Legislature voting down the bill that would have established the legal age to marry in Idaho at 16.

Kevin Miller continues the program by speaking with Fox News Radio Reporter Jeff Monosso.  They discuss the plight of former Green Bay Packer Head Coach Mike McCarthy.  Mr. McMarthy was seen berating an official at his son's high school basketball game.  Kevin Miller reports that the Idaho State Sheriff's Association not supporting the bill that would legalize Hemp in Idaho.  Kevin Miller takes calls from Treasure Valley listeners who support the Hemp legalization.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners on the topic of the rape allegations against 3 adults and one minor in Kuna.  The topic of refugee relocation was brought up and whether or not the Gem State is losing its identity.  Kevin Miller interviews Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland from CPAC in Washington DC.  Kevin Miller continues his CPAC coverage by speaking with Conservative Commentator Megan Barth.  Kevin Miller takes several calls on a few issues.  Those issues ranged from what's next for gun rights in Idaho and Medicaid expansion.

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