Ted Cruz calls Donald Trump a sniveling fool.  Callers attack and defend both candidates.  The meaning of Good Friday from Deacon Keith.  Reaction to another Fed Land Grab.  Plus does Idaho need a state law against Sharia Law?Friday 03/25/16...Today's guests:  6:am - Deacon Keith Fournier of TheStream.org discusses Good Friday and Easter;  6:40am - Former US Congressman and author of "Harvard Hates America", John LeBoutillier opines on current political events;  7:am - Mark Paoleta former congressional special prosecutor says there are lies in the new HBO docu-drama about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, "Confimred";  7:40am - Montana State Senator Jennifer Fielder talks about the latest efforts to transfer ownership of lands from the Feds back to western states;  8:am - Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center (www.mrc.org) about current political events;  8:40am - Warren Grover says Idaho needs a law to protect us from sharia law.