The Idaho Legislature is at it again. The same governing body, which a few years ago voted in the unpopular gas tax and failed to repeal the state's grocery tax is floundering towards the finish.

Let's face it; besides not delivering on repealing the grocery tax, we haven't seen much.  The media has shown that the legislature, at least leadership, is following orders from Governor Otter. Two recent examples illustrate how the legislative branch lacks independence from the executive branch.
In the video below you'll see Representative Mike Moyle engage Representative Heather Scott when she tried to bring up the grocery tax repeal. #statehousefireworks.

Despite promises that all bills will be heard, it looks leadership is doing its best to run out the clock on proposals involving guns, victims rights, and CBD Oils. It was not a good day when senators shut down debate, retire to their chambers, yell behind closed doors and get accused of violating state law. Read the embarrassing details here.

This type of behavior had frustrated activists and allowed the establishment to maintain their power. However, there is a coming conservative storm that will begin right after this session. The May 15th primary will be the real referendum on whether or not Idaho has a new direction or it's business as usual.

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