Idaho Governor Bard Little declared that the state today is in a crisis.  The governor shared that hospitals have been at or over capacity throughout the state.  He stated that hospitals in Twin Falls have sent their children to Boise for treatment.  Eastern Idaho Hospitals are looking at sending their patients to Utah.  However, Utah's hospitals are at or over capacity.

He declared that the entire state will be moved to stage 3.  The Idaho Veterans Hospital is over capacity that the Veteran's Administration is considering bringing in a mobile unit to help with the additional care.  The governor shared a heartfelt story of a veteran who died of Covid.

The governor said the goal of the state was to save lives and protect the hospital capacity in the state of Idaho.  He recalled how the state had stopped the virus from spreading.  What does stage 3 mean to you?  Here is a list thanks to a press release from the governor's office.

  • Indoor gatherings are limited to 50 people or less.
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 25-percent capacity.
  • Physical distancing requirements are in place for gatherings of all types.
  • Long-term care facilities will not be allowed to operate without requiring maskson their premises 
  • There will be seating only at bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.Nightclubs can only operate as bars. 
  • Employers shouldcontinue to protect at-risk employees by allowing telework or by making special accommodations for these individuals in the workplace. 
  • All individuals and businesses should follow recommended protocols for minimizing transmission of the virus available at Idaho.Gov.

Governor Little said that he is not in favor of a further shutdown, however stage 3 guidelines are available here.  He said there is some parts of Idaho where no action has been done.  Governor Little said he is not in favor of shutting down schools and would like local health districts to make local decisions.


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