Sally Boynton Brown, the executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, said that her job is to tell white people to shut up.  Her comments were broadcast on CSPAN during a town hall meeting on who should lead the Democratic Party.  You can watch her comments here.  Boynton Brown specifically said 'white leaders in the democratic party have failed."  She said that there is prejudice in the democratic party.  She identified as a white woman and described her job.  "My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt."  The Idaho DNC Operative continues to criticize race relations during her speech.

On a personal note, I found her comments about Idaho extremely disappointing.  'I'm from Idaho and we are so white."  Does she believe that being white is a problem?  Would she say the same if the state was majority/minority?  Or label one specific ethnic group as having too many in a state?

I'm wondering if Boynton Brown forgot that her party ran and elected America's first African American President?  How can a party or a country be called racist when that just happened?  This is an embarrassing situation for Idaho Democrats.

They either endorse and stand behind their executive director, which would cause further erosion of their standing in the Gem State.  Or cut her loose and try to stop the damage.  Does Boynton Brown's comments reflect Gem State Values?  Will the public hold Idaho Democrats accountable?

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