Breaking news, there's a CBD Oil booth at the Boise Mall.  Shocker, people are buying the CBD oil at record clips.  We've all heard the saying, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.The issue of CBD oil has appeared in countless conversations from both sides of the political aisle.  During last years Republican Gubernatorial Debate candidates Tommy Ahlquist, Brad Little, and Raul Labrador went at it for twenty minutes over Idaho's policing of CBD Oil.

Is CBD Oil good for you?  It depends on who you ask?  Proponents cite personal experience and studies show how the product helped with pain.  According to Channel 7, there isn't a state or federal agency that checks to see if the claims match reality.

The bigger concern is whether the product contains THC in it.  Consumers currently have to trust the source of their CBD purchase.

What were really seeing here is the incremental legitimacy of the marijuana industry in the Gem State.  During the last legislative session, the legalization of hemp was thought to be a sure thing.  Pro hemp activist vow that hemp, like CBD oil, will cure all your ills.

Once these products are legal, it will be time for the medical marijuana advocates to make their move. If that happens, the walls will be torn down for recreational marijuana to be mainstreamed.

Can the Mary Jane Train be stopped?  It depends on the citizens of Idaho doing the right thing and not falling for the pro pot propaganda.


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