What if you were shopping at the Boise Townsquare Mall, and you saw a pup panting and miserable in a hot car in the middle of Summer? You'd want to save it, right? But would you be liable for the damages to the car, if say, you broke the window? Well, according to the Idaho Statesman, lawmakers are looking to give "immunity from civil liability and criminal prosecution for people giving certain kinds of aid to a pet in distress.”

One of the two bills (commonly known as the 'hot dog bill'), does stipulate that you have to contact authorities, do as little damage as possible, and of course, believe the animal is in imminent danger "in order to avoid legal consequences." I think this is awesome!!! For the most part, I think Idahoans are pretty good about this kind of stuff, but I think it's great to know that there would be some sort of protection in place for you when trying to help a furry friend.

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